Hi guys.
First of all... I do know that there are alot of pepople asking about this same question, i already saw all the charts about this graphic cards but I still cand decide wich one should i get =/
I have this 2 cards to choose from:
[AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 - Double D HD 7970 Black Edition 3GB DDR5 1000M 2xmDP HDMI DVI PCI-E - FX-797A-TDBC]

[EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW]

Oh, and i will never make an OC... Just to take in consideration this.
Please, dont try to suggest another cards because at the story that i'll buy there are just this 2 avaliable.. and i'm not from north america =P

So, i would really like to know your oppinion, as long as it is based on facts/charts, not just "ohh, i hate NVIDIA so go for 7970..." or "AMD sux, are u crazy? go for NVIDIA!".

I personally have never had any Radeon by my own, so i dont't have any experience with them. That's why I'm here asking you guys for some help :D
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    There are a few things to consider. The HD 7970 scores higher generally than the GTX 670 when comparing texture rates memory bandwidth, etc, unless you use a game that uses PhysX (Nvidia proprietary softeware) in which Nvidia will always win. The reality is, the HD 7970 has more memory and will scale better and perform better at higher resolutions (1080P and above) where as the Nvidia card will offer better quality and 1080P and below. The Radeon card uses fans to cool, so it moves air off the card and around your computer case (very little goes out) so if you have a case with high airflow (at least two intake fans and two exhaust fans) then you will get even cooler temperatures than the GTX 670, but the GTX 7670 uses a blower style card (all air leaves the case from the card) so it will give you superior cooling when you have little airflow, but with a high airflow case it will do not better than a low airflow case. All in all I would say choose the Radeon card as it has better specs, will scale better and perform better at higher resolutions (at lower ones it will be on par with the GTX 670 or just below it), and with a proper case it will run cooler (I have a similar style cooler on my card and a high airflow case (2 intake, 3 exhaust).
  2. I would go for the 670 if your not going to overclock.
  3. ^Yup. That's pretty much what it comes down to - Radeon is the clear leader... after you push the card to its limits.

    The other question is this: what else do you have in your rig?
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  5. First of all, thx for your replies!
    I would like to know even more information, if possible... like scorpinko2 did.

    About the other components:
    I`m using a Benq 24" Full HD monitor - don`t remember the model, and I`m travelling right now...
    2x4GB corsair 1600 MHZ
    ASUS P8Z77-V LE
    i5 3570
    2TB HDD seagate barracuda green
    pc case: Corsair 300R

    I read some reviews about the case, and they said it has a high flow rate...
    I`ll still buy all this components, still making this CPU... The only thing I already have is the monitor.

    About what I am going to use it for: games.
    I like to test all the games - for fun, not any kind of work - of MMORPG kind...
    So I think that it`s probably not worth to focus on the bench-marking of just some games... But of the general performance of the card.

    Is there any other info needed that i forgot to say?
    And again, thx for the answers u already gave!
    I expect many more, if possible, cuz building this PC will use all my money, so it has to worth it :P

    P.S. right now i guess that i`m kinda liking 7970 more...
    Mostly because of the 3GB instead of 2GB, thinkin on the future games... am I wrond?

    P.S.2: i didn`t know that, by choosing an answer as the best, it would "solve"the post...
    is there any way to re-open it? - 1st time here, sorry...
  6. A best answer can't be removed but it can be reassigned, the thread can't be "unsolved".
  7. Mousemonkey said:
    A best answer can't be removed but it can be reassigned, the thread can't be "unsolved".

    Hmm got it...
    But this way i guess that people won`t see the post, as it is marked as "Solved" =X
    I know its probably not allowed, and I get it but...
    Could I repost this? I`m not looking for spam or anything like that... Neither to get "points", only to solve my doubts...
  8. Don't worry - some of us take a look anyway to check out the best answer :-) My vote is the GTX670 - for the reasons that have been mentioned about overclocking (at stock clocks you honestly won't be able to tell the difference between the cards on average) and also adaptive v-sync.

    The 7970 doesn't support it, so you've just got regular v-sync, which will really restrict your framerates if you drop below 60fps. With the GTX670, framerates below 60fps are unrestricted. And of course it's only framerates below 60fps that you'd be able to differentiate between anyway without an FPS counter!
  9. Well, I`m glad that some see then =]
    hmm got it... I didnt`t know about it.
    But if i would OC it at the future... Would Radeon be better?
    As, for the games we have now, i believe that both can fully support it, so I don`t see any reason to OC while using onlu 1080p graphics...
    But what about future games?
    thx for ur attention!
  10. Glad to help :-) Honestly, both will keep you gaming for years. I'd never recommend a 1GB card for anyone wanting longevity, but I think 3GB is totally unnecessary for making your card last. Future games may prove me wrong, but if it was me buying the card, I wouldn't hesitate to take the GTX670, and I give very careful consideration to purchases (as you clearly do also!).

    If game devs start developing games that require more graphics memory than 95% of gamers have, they cut out 95% of their market. 2GB should be more than enough for years. It's good that you're looking to the future by the way - so many people on here are only interested in what they need to run the games that are already out now... I can't understand that!
  11. Haha, thx! Yeah, it happens that I`m not someone that can afford a new graphic card every year or so... So I really think it`s important to do an investment that is worth it!
    I`m still choosing, i`ll actually get the card only January 06... Still have some time to think about it =]

    But, again, thx! Your oppinion really matters for me!
  12. Pleasure, glad to help :-) And I'm the same - when I upgrade I do a lot of research and spend a lot so that my hardware will last several years. Doesn't always go according to plan though... I spent £500 on a Radeon 5970, which died after two and a half years (and became faulty just after two years). It had a two year warranty, so despite the fact that it should have served for a good couple of years more, I now have to replace it. So long warranties really are worth having!
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