Asus MB and GeForce GT not playing together

Greetings! I have an Asus M3N72-D motherboard and recently purchased an INNO3D NVIDIA Geforce GT 630 card. When I plug in the card and hit the power button, the case fans spin for about .5 sec then power down. No power at all - none.

This card has significantly fewer pins on the connector, although the mounting is exactly the same. This card also requires no additional power connector.
My case has a 450W power supply and the minimum for this card is 300W.

Could it be something with the DDR3 memory on the card vs DDR2 on the MB?
Could my MB be PCIe 1 vs 2 or 8 vs 16?

I'm a software guy, so I dont keep up with the hardware like I should :(

Any help would be appreciated. If there is another card that works well with this MB, I would be interested in knowing that as well...

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  1. Did you have another card before installing this one or you were running on integrated graphx? If so can you try to boot on your old card or with your integrated graphx?

    Even though it doesnt need any power connectors, the gt630 still requires a max of 65W to run so it could be that your power supply isnt stable enough (usually not a problem with a good quality PSU but can still happen)

    For the pcie question, 1x is significantly smaller that 8x or 16x that have the same lenght and your card couldnt fit in a 1x, and card usually are retrocompatible.

    Anyways test the 2 above solutions and if it boots with your old setup id try a new power supply (or unistalling your old gpx card drivers if you used one before before putting in the new one)
  2. Hi njoy_rush - I was able to boot with both the old and new cards installed. I was hoping to remove the old card, but I guess it couldnt live without it.

  3. No problems, but if i were you i'd either try with another power supply, or test the new card in another computer. Your computer really shouldn't use both. It's like going for a suppress warning in code to hide a warning, not a good practice and doesn't resolve the issue ;)
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