Computer Hangs just after boot screen.


My computer hangs for around 10 mins just after the initial boot screen.

It's a black page that comes up and at the top it has very light blue almost white underscores.
This stays on for around 5-10 mins before it boots up.

Can anyone assist me please?

Also, I can't do a system repair as it says 'System repair cannot automatically fix the problem', or words to that effect.

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  1. TheN00bBuilder said:
    Attempt to flash the BIOS. That could make the whole problem fixed.

    This is a bit of a last resort, has anyone any other suggestions?
  2. UPDATE:

    Okay, so it seems to be abit quicker. Once 3 mins has passed of the underscores loading.

    It then restarts the whole PC taking it back to the bios loading etc, gets to underscore for a second time after about 20 seconds of waiting on the second time of underscores it loads.
  3. All my start-up programes start after I'm logged in.
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