Far Cry 3 GTX 560 issues

I have been playing Far cry 3 on a mix of high and very high settings (no ultra) with 2x AA at 1920*1080. My fps are stuck at 28 and my gpu usage averages at around 60-70% on both cards. It does at some points hit 99% but not often. I have 2 Asus GTX 560 DCII in SLI. They are both 1 Gb Vram unfortunately, but according to MSI Afterburner my Vram usage never passes 1008 mb. I have seen youtube videos of people with a single GTX 560 Ti getting the same fps at ultra settings, what is going on? Is there that much of a difference between a Ti solo and Non-Ti's in SLI?

All other games like crysis, crysis 2, GTA IV, Mafia II, Max Payne 3 all run very well at near max settings netting between 45-65 fps.

Any help would be appreciated, I just want to have at least 40 fps.

I7-3770k (4.3 Ghz)
2x GTX 560 (non-Ti oc 950 Mhz) Running the latest beta drivers 310.7
8 Gb 1600 Mhz ram
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  1. It could be because that the game is not mature enough to run it at 100% utilization. If it was running at 100%, you would get 60fps no problem.

    I have an i72600k at stock
    asus gtx 560 dcu2 non ti non top
    8gb ddr3 1600 ram running at 1333.

    I am playing far cry 3 at 1920 by 1080 too. When i set my settings high up like high-ultra, it uses 100% but fps are very low around 28.
    So my current setting is high textures and everything else on medium on dx11. SSAO ambient collision. I also have 4x msaa. That i can get 60fps without it dropping below 55fps.

    It should be a driver issue not using 100% from the cards. So, currently it is just using around 1.5 cards. I recommend u wait for a new driver to be released and drop your settings to high or medium for better fps. Surpriseingly, aa doesnt really impact the game performance a lot.
  2. 35-46 fps on ultra maxed out at 1080p similar systems to you i7 920 2600 9gb ram ddr3 i am running a 560ti 2gb . there are some manual configs that will boost some of your performance i tried them and am running 50-80fps now. completely turning ssao is a large boost. as the ssao in the game looks horrible unless you use HDAO . ssao and hbao both gave me a shimmering shadow around objects i did not enjoy turning it off is a manual option also DoF. and my favorite no longer having to hold down the button for aiming down the sights you can allow it to toggle. my card runs a tad bit how 70-75c but it fan only maxes out at 75% wont go to 100% for some reason plus i don't have very efficient air flow in my case. with beta drivers i had 99% gpu usable
  3. I finally managed to get 60 FPS with very high settings. I had to turn Post FX to medium and I gained over 30 FPS from high/very high/ultra. I cannot tell the difference between medium or the others, so it doesn't bother me. Also I turned in-game AA off and forced 4xAA through Nvidia CP. The only problem left is to figure out why I only get 80% usage from both cards and the occasional fps drop to 45; which I think is due to Vram hitting 1008 mb usage. Anyway thanks for the answers, it got me on the right track of research. Hopefully some new drivers will come out to fix the issues.
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