Gtx 670 fps's drop

I bought my new gaming computer 3 months ago, it's a i5-2500k@stock and a gtx 670. I never used to have less than 60 fps's not even when there was big explosion in BF3 I've always played on ultra settings.. But since a few weeks ago, In some moments it goes to 40-45 fps's .. Is it normal that as the pc gets older to see the fps's dropping? It may be normal, but 20fps's looks just too much!
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  1. Did you install beta drivers? They may not be working correctly. Is this on the new DLC that just came out? Could be a little harder to run that the rest of the maps. 40-45 fps minimums sounds normal if you have ultra and 4xaa.
  2. Yea I have the beta drivers. I haven't played the new dlc, I was playing on the Canals.. :\
  3. Check your cpu/gpu cooling fan. There might have been a good amount of dust gathered and causing it to overheat and throttling.
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