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My problem is this, I have just built my first computer, salvaging my HDD and RAM from my old computer. I was hopinh to format my HDD and use it, but I was unable to format it.
When I start the computer it tries to run Windows from the HDD from my old setup, when I try to install Windows from my usb and then plug my HDD in, my HDD just does not show up.
I have tried the above method with a different HDD and it shows 3 partitions, but it will not let me install Windows to any of them.

My question is will buying a brand new HDD fix this problem or is something else going on?
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  1. You need to go into the bios and designate your CD Rom as the only boot device. Once Startup loads you will be able to format your drive and remove all partitions.
  2. I hope you are not unplugging or plugging in internal harddrives while the power is on.

    You need to make sure your USB drive is configured properly so it can boot the computer.

    Many BIOS's support choosing the boot device by pressing F12 during the initial boot screen. Otherwise you will need to configure you boot device priority in the BIOS to set the USB or Optical Drive the first device.
  3. I don't believe I can set boot priority, I can get into boot options but after boot priority is just a number "1" - I'm trying to boot Windows from a USB.
    I'm using a Astock Z77 Extreme 4 if anyone is familiar with this bios
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