Cat5 between ubuntu media server & ps3?

I have an ubuntu media server that I'm trying to stream media files to my ps3 via ethernet cable. My problem is my cable modem & router is about 20' away and I can't run wire. I've tried a powerline adapter and switch, but the speeds were unsatisfactory so I was thinking of having my server be wirelessly available to my network, but have it hardwired to the ps3 via ethernet. I have 3 other windows pcs that access the server wirelessly and I'm not concerned about transfer speeds for the wireless setup (I have a linksys wireless wrt54g router), I just want to make sure the speed between the server and ps3 is up to par. My server has gigabit ethernet adn so does the ps3, so is this possible? What kind of settings do I need to config between the server and the ps3? I'm also a noob to ubuntu. I don't care about the ps3 being connected to the internet, although I guess it'll have to be for updates etc?
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    Dude, the PS3 will run quite happy over a wireless network. I use tversity and stream HD through a crappy 54g belkin router. Otherwise you could just hard wire but you'll need to make your Ethernet cable a crossover cable (google it, its not too hard to do) or buy a crossover cable.
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