When I try to launch a game, my Monitor displays "No Support"

Hi all!

Ok lets get too my problem, I had just installed a new components in my case:

Motherboard: Biostar A780L3B
Processor: AMD Sempron
Memory: Kingston DDR3 2GB

I had an old Monitor that have been giving me Backlight problems installed on the computer up to a few hours ago because it started giving trouble again, so I hooked backup my 24" 1080p LCD HDTV back to my computer (I was using it as my monitor while I had my other monitor disconnected, long story).

Anyways, I was just trying to launch a game, the shield and what not for the game had loaded and the part where the game's loading screen was suppose to pop up, my monitor's screen when black and started displaying "Not Support".

So my question is, is it because my processor is only Single Core and doesn't have the power to display the game full screen on my TV? Or could it be something else? Because the computer displayed everything fine on my old monitor.

Also, I had planned to replace the Single core with a Dual Core or something, so should I just go ahead and do that?

Thanks in advance!
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    look online at your tv settings and spec. a computer monitor has a higher video setting then a standard tv. most tv for computer gaming have a gaming mode. where it looks for a 720 or 1080 output video on the computer input port. if your monitor cant do a certian video output it blank out on you. you have to go in and edit the game video output to a setting your monitor will use.
  2. This same television I was using as a monitor for months, and I use to play the same game and never had problems until now that my components have changed (2 weeks ago)...
  3. I got it working now..

    What I did was, turn off my computer plugged in my old monitor (with the backlight problems), and then plugged it out and put the cable into the back of the tv, the TV took on the monitor's properties, so now it's working fine, we'll see how it goes.

    Thanks and sorry for all the trouble. >.<
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