Urgent help!! HD7870+Win7

I own a HD 7870, got it last week, along with a new 120gb ssd,


Fresh Win7 instillation on the SSD, installed the latest Amd Beta drivers, everything was fine. Today I check the AMD website and see that there's a new version of the 12.11 beta driver. Installed and didn't like the performance in Hitman.
So I uninstalled, Ran driver sweeper before I reinstalled the previous beta 12.11 drivers I had from before.
Rebooted to install the drivers...windows 7 reaches up to the welcome screen and then crashes.
I am in safe mode now(only way i get a successful boot) but the drivers won't install in this mode.

I really Do not want to have to reinstall Windows 7 again. Can someone please Help?

Other system specs if necessary include a 500gb sata 2 drive, i5 2500k cpu, 8gb gskill 1333mhz ram

Thanks in Advance
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  1. So safe mode still works? I have a feeling you uninstalled something you weren't supposed to. Just out of curiousity, if you plug the monitor into the mobo can you start normally?
  2. Thanks for the reply, but i just figured it out. Went into device manager and uninstalled the card, then the default win7 video driver installed and i was able to boot normally and reinstall drivers
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