Advice on new build, where to start.


I ordered myself some parts and they are arriving today.
All parts will be here except the damn power supply.

Now, I will go at my local electronic store and buy a power supply for testing purpose only. I ordered a 750W PSU but i think for testing i will do just fine with 500W and not put it one of the GPU's.

Now, this is my first build so i am clueless as to where to start.

I have seen only one video explaining how to so i tough asking around might be a good idea.

Where do i start ?

How to i proceed ?

Thank you !
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  1. This is a pretty good build guide.
    NCIX Gaming Build Guide.

    There is also the Newegg Series, which also covers how to install the OS and drivers.

    There is also the TechReport guide, which is a lot better made but doesn't go into as much detail as the others.
  2. Oh great thanks.

    Always here to help, your great :D
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