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Graphics cards for following games

Yes, I have probably a few posts on which graphic cards are good, I might have found a decent one for the following games:

Team fortress 2
Combat arms
Garry's mod
Minecraft + tekkit
World of tanks
NFS Shift 2 Unleashed

The card is a eVGA GeForce GT 640 2gb:

if that does not work:

and If that is not good:

Thanks for any answers!
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    HD 7770 is the same price as the GT 640 you have selected.
    It is also over twice as powerful.
  2. Unless you plan to replace it also, make sure your PSU is able to power whatever you get. If you're not sure, please post its brand and model (not just wattage).
  3. Yes, but have you looked at the other type of Graphic cards i posted other then the 640?
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