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2 GT 545s vs. 1 GTX 660 Ti

Just wondering how they compare. I'm getting a GTX 660 Ti (EVGA Superclocked), and my friend has 2 GT 545s. I'm assuming the 660 Ti is better, but I'm not sure. He says he is able to run games in ultra at 1920x1080. Any links to benchmarks would also be appreciated because I can't find any.
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  1. The GTX660Ti is much better. 545 is not even on level with 550Ti
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    2 GT 545s would probably perform similarly to a GTX 650Ti in games where SLI worked properly and scaled well, so the 660Ti will be much faster.

    All that said, I wouldn't recommend getting the 660Ti unless you are getting it significantly cheaper than its regular $300 price point. The 660Ti is only 10% faster than the GTX 660 non Ti, and the plain 660 costs 60 to 80 dollars less than the 660Ti. Supposedly the 660Ti is getting a price drop soon, so if you are dead set on the 660Ti, you may want to wait a couple of weeks and see what happens with pricing.
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