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i want a new PC for games/multimedia/office and streaming League of Legends gameplay (internet is good enough). My budget is not huge (I dont want more expensive parts if it is not necessary), so i choosed these parts:

I would like to ask you, if these parts will work together and if someone got experiences with streaming gameplay if this configuration is enough.

Why I picked this parts:

CASE: i want small case and this one looks nice
MB: I want Asrock Z77 because if offers OC for non-K series and it will give me cca +10% performance
Graphic Card: League of Legends is not graphic intensive game so i dont need high-end card (i will be streaming only LoL, in other games i dont care if i will play on medium or high settings); 2GB because i will be using 2 monitors (1600x900), one for game one for other stuff
Processor: I think its good performance/price
HDD: its 7200, thats the only thing I take care, capacity is not important for me
RAM: 8GB should be ok, 1600 Mhz too, its low profile (better for small case?), it has XMP (maybe it will work with that MB)
PSU: I have no idea which PSU, this one looked fine

So my question are:

1. CPU - is it worth or can i save money and take i5-3350P (for streaming 720p it is requiered 4 core, at least 5000 points in benchmark test - Is it true?), will I feel the diference if I pay for 3470 instead of 3350P?
2. Graphic card - Do I need 2GB? or 1 GB will be ok. Anyone know how many FPS i can get in LoL at "very high" details without shadows? GPU shouldnt be important for streaming, is it true?
3. CPU cooler - Do I need buy new one or boxed is fine even if I will overclock CPU?
4. CASE - can I use this or should I take bigger one for more space and better cooling?
5. RAM - Is 8GB ok for streaming?
6. PSU - Is this PSU ok or do I need better one?

Summary: Is this system good enough for streaming League of Legends? Should I change something? Can I save money somewhere or do I need invest more?

Thank you for your opinions and sorry for my english, its not my main language.
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  1. - u cant OC on non-K cpu even if the mobo is z77
    - definitely 1GB, using 2 monitor has nothing to do with 1GB/2GB. gaming "across" 2 monitor does
    - i love that core 1000 :) often recommend it to builders. but Rosewill Line-M is the best budget mATX case
    - for PSU, check corsair 600 V2 on pcpartpicker. it is on sale. cheaper than 500W
  2. and hdd seagate 1TB is only 64 usd. pick it instead
  3. whats ur country of origin and ur maximum budget in ur currency?
  4. @AMD Radeon:

    Thanks for fast replay, but I have still few questions.

    If i cant OC non-K, for what is good NO-K OC technology from Asrock ( Also here they are talking something about OC or or its only marketing? Im totally newbie is this, so every advice is good.

    Ok, i will take 1GB Graphic card.

    Thanks for HDD and PSU tip, but im going to shop from shop in my country. And there isnt 600W PSU Cheaper :/. But 500W should be enough, no? Or do I need more?
  5. @Iceclock: country is Slovakia, EUR, budget 600-700€ , eventauly Czech republic, budget 15000-17500 CZK(less is better, im not hard core gamer, I just want to have possibility to stream in good quality).
  6. asrock h77m
    and make sure rosewill Line-M. you wont be dissapointed with it :) core 1000 is good, but it lacks usb 3.0 in the front

    oh boy... sorry i didnt realize that you are from outside US. the corsair sale is only from newegg
  7. do u have website i can use to help u?
  8. Ye, but its in slovak language. Im going to shop from . They dont have best prices but have good services (most of the time) and they are in my town so if i have to return something is good.

    This is my current build:
  9. Thanks for your kindness, I just realized they have also site in english . I also switched GTX650Ti for 7850. When I saved money from MB thx to AMD Radeon and I dont need 2GB of GPU memory Im still at 600€ and thats nice.
  10. no problem. i am busy atm but will be back to help later.
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