2 IP addresses for games 1 pc 1 laptop, w/router and modem?

I have one PC and one laptop.
I wanted to use each for gaming, but they need to have different IP addresses for me and my roommate to play at the same Time.

I have a Belkin n300 router, and that default Motorola modem Comcast gives you.

My PC's wan is connected to my router which is connected to my modem.

So I got that step done.

Anyone know how have two separate IP addresses, one for a laptop, and one for my PC?
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  1. Use DHCP from the router and you'll get different IPs. You don't need static IPs.
  2. riser said:
    Use DHCP from the router and you'll get different IPs. You don't need static IPs.

    Can I have a little more of an explanation on how to do that?
  3. I do have file and printer sharing...does that change anything?
  4. Check your belkin manual for DHCP and make sure it's turned on. In your windows network settings (each computer) make sure it set to "obtain IP address automatically" and "obtain dns automatiically".
  5. The DHCP is generally set by default on most routers, but you can configure it by going to the Router's web user interface once connected through the ethernet cable with a computer. In your case, connect your laptop to one of your modem's host port, and enter the ip address of your router. If you are unsure, you can check the manual for the default IP address, normally it is either or and rarely Once there, go to your basic router settings, and you would see the DHCP server settings, where you can enter a new IP address for your router and then set up how many DHCP IP's would you want. DHCP is basically automatic allotment of IP's on connected machines through the router.
  6. You don't need static IPs.
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