$900 build - should I wait?

Howdy. Building a new PC for gaming, $900 budget. Here is what I have so far.

My question... I can wait a month or so, is their anything coming out which maybe worth waiting for, video card, CPU, etc? (Or maybe something new coming out which will lower prices of the current stuff)

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  1. new nvidia +radeon GPU and intel CPU in the middle of this year...
  2. btw that build is wooow :O
    you forget to put CPU cooler. 212 evo
  3. (Sorry for posting this question 3 times - not sure what happened!)

  4. AMD Radeon said:
    btw that build is wooow :O
    you forget to put CPU cooler. 212 evo

    I was going to go with the stock cooler supplied. Bad idea?

    Note - I'm going for quiet here rather than overclocking...
  5. ah, so why do you choose 3570K and expensive z77 board?
    those are definitely OC pair stuffs

    it is better for you to pick 3470+asrock z77 pro3
  6. You can scratch the thermal paste of your list. If your going to use the stock cooler it comes with thermal paste pre-applied. If your going to go with the Hyper 212 it comes with a smal tube of decent thermal paste.

    I think the Hyper 212 would be significantly quieter than the stock fan as it requires significantly less RPM to cool the CPU with the larger heatsink and the Hyper212 also improves the case airflow. That being said I wouldn't say the stock fan is loud either, however the referenced cooled GTX660 may be. (I have the ASUS 660 and Hyper 212 and both are very quiet)

    If your not going to overclock you can save a few dollars by going with a non K series CPU, the 3470 or something similar. You can also look at an H77 or B75 mobo for further savings.

    Just a few suggestions, otherwise the build looks real nice.

    Edit: If you have access to a Micro Center - they often have incredible deals for i5/Mobo combos... based on memory I think you could save around $100 with such a deal.
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