Which video card?

I'm on a budget but and the evga 660 ti is in my price range.

ill be pairing it with a i5-357ok, dual channel 8gig pack of corsair vengeance.

im reusing a ocz 650w with 2 32A rails I believe.

my 21" widescreen lcd only does 1680x1050 max so please keep that in mind in regards to vram and fps. I really need to know if I can go with a cheaper gpu and still play games like metro 2033 and BF3 on at lease mid to high range.

Please, Nvidia cards only. I'm not a fanboy. All my builds have been ati/amd but this time I want to give Nvidia a go. Thank you for any help.
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  1. On your resolution HD7850/70 or GTX660 none Ti will be fine still with high details.
  2. Yeah a GTX660 will be ample - you're looking at 10% less framerate than the Ti version, if that.
  3. 7850 or 660 (non ti) will do well.
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