Can the GA-MA770T-UD3P gigabyte motherboard run a geforce gtx 660 ti

Can the GA-MA770T-UD3P gigabyte motherboard run a geforce gtx 660 ti graphics card?

Im currently using the GA-MA770T-UD3P motherboard, but i am highly interested in replacing by crappy geforce 240 card.
If this motherboard does not support the card, what would be a good option in terms of upgrading? Im also running an AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor and am curious to know what proccessors i may be able to upgrade too?

I'm very stressed out, as i'm not overly good with computers, i know the basics but i do not want to spend 300 dollars on something that will not be compatible.
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  1. Your mobo has pci-x 2.0 and yes you can put a gtx 660ti on that but the most important thing here is your power supply unit. You need something like a good 500 watt+ one. Also your CPU is too weak, you can upgrade your CPU, too. According to Gigabyte's website your mobo supports up to phenom II x6 CPUs but not bulldozer/piledriver FX ones.
  2. I have been researching upgrading my cpu as well, would my weak CPU limit this new card too much? Im not going to be able to afford both a CPU and a graphics card, which one would increase my performance more?
  3. Also, i have a 700 watt power supply, im sure this will be sufficient?
  4. Sorry but your CPU is way too weak even to couple with a low grade GPU from this recent generation. If your CPU can't provide enough muscle, your money spent on GPU will be wasted. And your CPU can't do that. I can't debate on that but probably your CPU will hold back around half your GPU's performance (maybe more, i can't say exactly), especially if it is a 660ti. Best way would be to balance your budget and get a decent CPU and GPU. I can't debate on your PSU either cause i don't know what brand/make it is, use it at your own risk.
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