2 Identical monitors, AMD Radeon HD 6870 XFX

Hi, i have just bought a second monitor, identical to my other one, i have an AMD Radeon HD 6870 XFX, which has 2 DVI ports, and some HDMI ports.

The moniters support HDMI and VGA, So i use an VGA to DVI converter on both, yet the graphic card only detects the upper one ....


Pictures of what i have to work with, in addition to that i have one VGA to DMI full pins

What do i need?
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  1. It could have to do with the fact those are dual link ports or only a certain number of analog connections can be used with that card or something. I assume you're using the latest AMD drivers and CC. Have you went through the CC panel and made sure all the multi-monitor stuff is enabled and turned on? Do you have an HDMI cable to try with the HDMI port to one of your monitors. Those other ports are display port on your card.
  2. Don't use a VGA converter at all. That causes you to use an analog connection vice a digital connection. Use straight DVI, or DVI to HDMI, HDMI connections and you'll be fine.
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