Upgrading radeon 6570 iceQ budget rance 100-160

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: January first saving 50-75 bucks depends if I can self control


8 gigs of Radeon amd Ram

I prefer only I do not over clock I have a hp 2159 1080p monitor.

I play BF3 some times in Guild wars 2 I want to be able to play those on high settings With AA I Also I play some other demanding games but not all the time Thanks for advice
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  1. On your budget not going to be possible your looking at a 7770 on that budget if you can spend a little more you can get a 7850
  2. Thanks was not for sure if the new 7770s were better
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    It's hard to reccomend a card for the future since we won't know how much the cards will be on sale then.

    Decent 7770 at 105 after rebate right now, I expect chepast 7770 on Jan 1st to be at about 95-100
    Comes with Farcry 3 which prob will not after the new year

    Decent 650ti at 135 after rebate, Expect cheapes to be 125-130 on Jan 1st
    Comes with AC3 which may or may not change come jan first
    Its costing about 30% more than the 7770 but performs only 26% more on average so not that good on price/performance but it does give more raw performance.

    Cheapest 7850 at 155, okay cooler but there are better ones (Twin Frozr, Windforce, Double D etc)
    Good deal compared to the 650ti even without the game since better performance > free game
    At only $20 more it beats out the 650ti in price/perf and fits your budget.

    I would suggest grabbing either a 7850 1gb or 2gb (get 2gb since planning to go 1080p, will help in some games) when those go on sale. They will probably be better value than the 650ti.
  4. Will My power supply be enough Demand With power It seems like it has more then enough right now for my set up. Also are these this years video cards in or they Way better then the 550ti? j
  5. Your PSU should handle everything up to the 7850.
    Yes they are all better than the 550ti
  6. I would suggest the 7850 2GB if you want to max out BF3 1080p. The 1GB cards will only handle high texture before running out of vram I believe.
    Not quite sure if the 2gb of VRAM on the 7770 is worth it since it may be bottlenecked by the 128bit bus (7860 has 256bit bus)

    Well this would be the best.

    And aree with stick. 1 Gb is not enough on 1080p
  8. Yep, I would focus on getting a 7850 2GB if 1080p ultra is your goal.
    The 7850 2GB prototype posted up is a good one with a good cooler. This card here actually was on sale for 159 on Black Friday =P
    Yeha the 7770 2GB is a gimick for gaming since it will mostly be bandwidth limited, you can tell by the 650ti dropping off in fps even with 2GB vram and stronger core, it falls to 7770 levels at higher resolutions.
  9. Alright I'm getting $40 bucks for Christmas So I prob go with some thing a bit higher in get a After mark cooler for my fx4100 Right now I can play bf3 on Medium settings I just want a little bit higher kick so I wont lag every so often I just hope my power sup is enough power if not Ill have to buy a 600 wat in February I end up salling this card I have for $25 $30 to a sob noob out there :D
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