Gtx 660, will it work?

Hello guys, Im just about to order a graphic card and need some help. Im think about buying a Gigabyte gtx 660, but lots of people are telling me to buy HD 7870 instead. Im using a Radeon 7670 atm, but from what ive heard that a really crappy card (?).
My current psu is peak 500, and I only got one 6+2 pin and one molex connector. I read that the gtx660 requires one 6pin and the 7870 requires 2x6pin and I really dont wanna buy a new PSU. So is it worth getting the gtx 660 and will it work with my psu and will it fit in my motherboard? I also wonder how big upgrade this would be from a hd 7670 to a Geforce gtx 660. Also, is the gigabyte model a good one ? its one of the cheaper version as i've seen. They're both about the same price. Im playing games in 1920x1080 but im sick of my fps drops/bad graphics in some games.

Predator G3610
Intel(R) Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz
Ram 8 gb
w7 64 bit.
Amd Radeon HD 7670 (apparantly a rebrand 6670)
psu: 500w
Motherboard: Intel sandybridge/h67 (at least what CPU-z said).

Any help would be great, im stuck here and cant decide what to purchase!

Thanks in advance
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    Minimum required PSU is 450W and u only need 1 6-pin, so the PSU should work w/ it.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! If someone would please answear the others questions I had it would be great, im darn stuck here and wanna order it today! so quick repsones are appreciated.
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