Does this make sense -ATA 133 w/ 133 Controller?

Looking for maximum speed. My ECS PIV Motherboard (478/1.7/with 1gb of cl2.5DDR RAM) has an ATA100 IDE Controller on board. I am considering purchasing a pair of 40GB or 60GB ATA 133 hard drives and buying a Promise ATA133 PCI Controller. Does the overhead of using the PCI bus negate the advantage of the ATA 133? I figure this will leave both on board channels to run my DVD and CDRW as masters (and tell the bios to "boot from other". Do any of the experts out there know if this is a good plan or should I just run ATA 100 drives off the internal IDE controllers???

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  1. you should be ok running the hard drive on the pci conrtoller..
    in fact, that will give you the extra hard drive controllers for your cdrom drives...making burning cds faster!
    so should be ok...


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  2. Your onboard IDE is also connected through the PCI bus, so it will not make any difference between onboard ATA133 ond a PCI card with ATA133.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  3. Jon,

    Just be aware of two things:

    1. The 133 in Ultra133 refers only to the burst data transfer rate, not the sustained rate. That means you may never see any measurable performance increase over Ultra100.

    2. Be carefull of your hard drive partitioning, it will be critical to booting your OS. For example, if you are using both the onboard and Promise controllers, the BIOS will ALWAYS map the onboard controller before it maps the Promise controller. If your OS is in a Primary partition on a Promise hard drive and an onboard hard drive also has a Primary partition, you may be in trouble because the BIOS will look for the boot loader in that Primary partition. Unless you need another Primary partition for something else, it's always better to make the rest Logical partitions on all drives.
  4. I think there are possibilities to boot from a primary partition on the extra controller even if there another connected to the controller on the mobo.

    My BIOS allows me to select the boot order and boot the system from any primary partition it finds, master or slave doesn't matter. Maybe it will treat the partitions found on an extra controller the same way.

    If this doesn't work with the controller, or your BIOS only allows you to boot from the first primary partition there's another solution that should work: Just install a boot manager on the first primary partition and configure it to boot the partition of your choice.
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