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I have built a custom PC and when plugging in a USB mouse I accidentally pressed the CMOS button on the motherboard port area. The monitor went off and after waiting I turned off the computer with power button. When I rebooted my bios was fine as I didn't change it in the first place and when got to my desktop the resolution was messed up. I have a Viewsonic 1080p Monitor and my system resolution on windows was 1080p and on nvidia interface the same ( I have a 560ti) I have tried to manually drag the nvidia options and can only get a good resolution on a odd resolution which is 1804 x 1014 but when i put it to full HD its stretched off the screen. With the current resolution the detail is fuzzy and I can't find any options on the monitor or in resolution setting which can solve this. Please help me in my hour of need.
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  1. As long as you didn't have any custom BIOS settings, try powering down again (the usual way), switch off power to PC & monitor, power on then reboot. Then check what the monitor ID and resolution options are available in the NVIDIA control panel - is everything ok or can you now select the correct resolution?
  2. I can select the correct resolution its just it doesn't fit the monitor when it did in the past before I pressed the button.
  3. Does anyone think if I do a clean install of windows and wipe my drive itl fix this issue? Or was my hardware damaged? I was already planning to do a clean install.
  4. Your hardware shouldn't be damaged. Clean install might help, but are you using a VGA cable by any chance?
  5. I am using a mini hdmi to hdmi cable
  6. Try going into Nvidia Control Panel -> Adjust desktop size and position. You may be able to fix it there. Furthermore, you could try fiddling with monitor settings.
  7. I can do that and I do get a clear image but I don't understand why my resolution is lower than before I pressed that button? Can you understand why im annoyed to settle with less than 1920 x 1080? I can use the arrows and still get 1080p quality ( I think) but with such an odd resolution and me being a gamer I cannot settle for this.
    Why is it by pressing the CMOS button my monitor and computer seem to measure in different units?
  8. Of course I understand you! I mean, you should first set the resolution to 1920x1080 and then play with settings. You could also try this: turn off the PC, unplug the hdmi cable from both PC and the monitor, then turn the PC on and wait for it to boot (you'll know from the sound). Then, plug the cable back in to both monitor and PC. The resolution will not be correct, so go to settings and set it to correct one. Might fix it.
  9. Fixed! Schoolboy error on my part. Overlooked some obvious settings! Thanks for the help!
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