How to overclock a gpu?

I downloaded Black Ops 2 and my 550Ti 1GB runs it at Mid-High Settings, will overclocking it increase my fps when i go high settings? How do i overclock it? Is it safe and can I downclock?
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  1. Well what is your res ?

    And that is not a good card. You can OC but it wont give you what you are searching for. Get a new GPU.

    You can OC it with MSI afterburner. Download furmark to !

    You use that MSI to up clock by 5Mhz and each time make a test with furmark for 10 minutes. You should check the temps . 80C shouldnt be touched. If you see any artifact increase the voltage by 10Mv and rerun the test. You should make a break of 5 minutes to allow the card to cool.
  2. 1920x1080, I can't get another one I live outside of USA so this was a good option and I bought it 2 months ago. I'll get HD 8950 when it comes out. Thanks.
  3. Well do what i wrote up there.And dont up the voltage to much as it rises temp alot. And the clock too (5-7 max each time)
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