Computer Restarts Twice Before Post

Like the title says my computer currently out of the blue from warm or cold boot restarts twice before it runs POST, then boots perfectly fine. I tried to Flash the BIOS because they where a little out of date. I've done reseating multiple times. I'm just at a loss as to whats causing the problem.

Asus X58
I7 3.47
12GB Corsair Ram
Nvidia 550 TI
1200W Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold
1.5 TB HHD
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  1. Almost forgot the OS, Win7 x64bit
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    If its not the BIOS [ did you try clearing settings by removing the battery for 15 minutes?]

    then its almost certainly the power supply
  3. It magically decided to stop.
  4. And it started again....and now it says I only have 4 gigs of ram installed. Murphy decided to invade my tower it seems.
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