Will Radeon 8000 series decrease cost for 7000 series?

I know that the 8000 series comes out in 2013, however the price range for those cards will be out of my reach.

I however do want the Radeon 7950, but its price is still out of my reach.

will the 7950 price drop?

if so about how much?

Thanks for replys :)
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  1. That's hard to say. Quite often after the new cards come out, the old ones don't drop significantly unless retailers are making a concerted effort to clear out old stock. The 7950 may drop, but it probably won't be by a huge amount unless you are willing to wait 6 months into the new generation to get one, and at that point you might as well buy an 8000 series card.

    If you really want a 7950, all I can suggest is keep saving up your money. Supposedly nvidia plans to do a price drop on some of their cards in the near future, and that may create some pressure on AMD to reduce the 7950's price. You're just going to have to keep your eyes open.
  2. What I've noticed, is that prices go down by a 'bit', then when stock begins to decline, the prices are upped. Ebuyer is notorious for that.

    Your best off waiting for the big guns of the 8xxx series to be released, and get the high end 7xxx series cards soon after, before retailers up the price.
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