Looking to upgrade my Graphics card, but need help

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to upgrade my 6670 to a Sapphire HD 7850. However, My PSU is only a 500W and not entirely sure that my PSU can handle it (or even has two cords for PCI-E). If you guys could give me some advice on what I could do, I'd really appreciate it.

I don't really want to spend alot on a PSU, maybe something in the £30 (or less) range, if possible.

Thanks for any help guys,
I appreciate it.
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  1. Stomp can you do me a favor please! Can you please list your system specifications
    PSU: (You said 500W but can I get the company and model number for example corsair tx650,750,850,950)

    There is a good chance you will not have to upgrade your PSU but knowing your other components as well as the strength of your current PSU will help me help you sir/and or miss.
  2. Okay :)

    I used CPU-Z to get this info, cos I wasn't sure :).

    CPU: AMD FX-4170 4.4GHZ
    Motherboard: MSI 760GM-P23(FX) (MS-7641)
    RAM: 8GB
    PSU: 500W, but not sure what make... The sticker didn't show any company logo, but i couldn't see it to well.

    Thanks for the fast reply mate :)
  3. Okay, I managed to get a picture of my PSU.

  4. I was going to reply to the other thread but I see you made a new one. Yeah I would defiantly not trust my components with that PSU. And again you can't cheap out on the PSU just like the GPU you will have to stretch out your budget more to accommodate a quality PSU, I can't stress enough it's the most overlooked part of a system.
  5. It may just be the PSU that came with his case its okay to notice that a power supply is insufficient for your current needs. What I would do if I were you is get a newer power supply with a better 12 rail and better internal components I'll list one below its a bargain at the price its at. I normally would suggest a corsair power supply but this xfx power supply is also seasonic based as well (the oem or parts inside). It has 4 pci-e power connections which is something rare very rare at the wattage of this unit. If you can't afford the graphics card after getting this power supply I'd wait till the next series comes out and you may be able to get the the 7850 on the cheap :)

  6. Okay, thanks for the advice. I don't think I can get the PSU and Gfx card together, so I'll have to sort something out..

    If I got the PSU, and plugged it in. Would I have to do anything other then plug it in.. seeing that I have a OC cpu etc.
  7. Awesome :) Thanks for the suggestions..

    Would I have to change anything because my CPU is overclocked?, or do I just plug and play?.
  8. Stomp09 said:
    Awesome :) Thanks for the suggestions..

    Would I have to change anything because my CPU is overclocked?, or do I just plug and play?.

    No nothing else need's to be changed, just unplug the power cord and swap out with the new power supply making sure to take your time and ensuring that all the connectors are properly installed.
  9. Yea its plug in play you will just get a more stable amount of power and your system will be more healthy as a result of the change.
  10. Thanks guys. Just a few more questions.

    What do I do with unused PSU cords?

    How much of a boost in performance would I see if i replaced my 6670 with a HD 6870.

    and how much difference in performance does the 7850 have compared to the HD 6870.

    Thanks a bunch guys. You've really been a help :).
  11. Stomp09 said:
    Thanks guys. Just a few more questions.

    What do I do with unused PSU cords?

    How much of a boost in performance would I see if i replaced my 6670 with a HD 6870.

    and how much difference in performance does the 7850 have compared to the HD 6870.

    Thanks a bunch guys. You've really been a help :).

    You can hide the cables you dont use and secure them, it will make the interior of the case neat and tidy and also improve airflow resulting in lower temps. As far as the comparison between those cards I provided that in the other thread you have open.
  12. Yea, what you can do is hide them yes. Get a bunch of cable ties and try and have it so there aren't cables around that you can really see in front. And in the back have it tidy so that around the CPU cooler cutout if there is one is clear.
    NOTE: not all the time is this possible some cases have a easier time then others but you should be able to clean it up a bit.
    I'll provide a direct comparison between the 6870 and the 7850. What to take away is this is that the 7850 does fairly well against the older card and also has a much easier time with DX11 games then the 6XXXX series had.

  13. I'll just add that you should give nVidia graphics some consideration. I'm assuming from your selections that you're a fan of AMD, but you should take a look at the GTX660. nVidia will deliver massively smoother, more consistent framerates. Check out the third post here for an explanation:

  14. The GTX660 is also a good option as well. In most cases the 660 will out due the 7850 that changes with the 7870 that goes directly against the 660Ti.
    This is how I see it. Of course this changes with drivers but at the current moment this is how it looks.

    660<7870<660Ti (mostly)

  15. I haven't bothered with Anandtech benchmarks for years, ever since they showed a GTX470 outperforming a GTX480 due to old numbers (from an old driver version) being recycled on the latter. Anandtech are terrible for recycling old numbers rather than re-running tests. I've seen SSD benchmarks where they're reused numbers from a different test rig! See if you can find a driver version number on that page :-P

    Check out those Tech Report links though, really interesting stuff!
  16. Yea that kind of bugs me as a whole with most benchmarks but to be honest unless they recycle the results like you said I don't see an issue. The important thing to me is how powerful they are on release sure drivers can fix things but normally power on release will say something about a card. Its much too hard for these sites to constantly re bench graphic cards once a driver comes out people would be making A TON to do so.
  17. Agreed - 90%+ of the performance will be there at launch (with one or two exceptions - anyone remember Detonator 3/XP?). If you take a look back through Anandtech's articles, you'll see the exact same numbers (to the decimal place) in separate reviews. That's how I realised SSD results from different test setups (with different CPUs/RAM) were being combined.

    I have to give credit to Anandtech for awesome explanations of new technology though. I learnt most of what I know about SSDs from Anandtech. I'd just never use them for benchmarks. Until THG brings in frame latency benchmarking (it's on the way) I'll stick with Tech Report for benchmarks. Problem is that it's a lot more time consuming that traditional frames/second benchmarking, and it's always a race between tech media sites to get benches out fastest.
  18. Yes those will work together Stomp. And yes the gtx660 is an option to consider but its another 30+ euros since the OP already had to stretch his budget higher to accomodate the 7850 over the original 6870 he was looking at and the PSU he also didnt originally plan on having to spend money on.
  19. So both of these are compatible with everything?, like my motherboard and stuff?. I've got enough power cords with this new psu etc?.

    sorry to be a pain, but I really want to make sure that it'll be okay :)
  20. No you aren't being a pain. If you have the newer power supply as the ones suggested whether its the xfx or corsair power supplies you will be able to support the cards listed. And your motherboard will be supported.
  21. Yeah XFX in particular are a safe bet - far as I know they're all Seasonic-manufactured units, so top quality. I have a Corsair and it's been rock solid for years (though given the choice now I'd take an XFX for the knowledge it's Seasonic).
  22. I can't thank you all enouth for the help you've given me :). The XFX psu and 7850 are on their way to me now :). But just one more another question if its not to much to ask... I kind of overlooked this, but will the new psu and gfx fit in my Case?.
  23. Pleasure :-) And it's a bit late for that now, you ordered them! You'll find out soon enough. But I'd think yes, almost certainly.
  24. Lol i know. fingers crossed :S.
  25. Well it's a lot smaller than the 12" (30cm) card I tried stuffing into a NZXT Lexa... it's probably fine :-)
  26. Doesn't look too miniature to me... I'd say not to worry :-)
  27. Sorry to bring up a dead thread. But how should I go about installing both of these components?

    I don't have a anti-static band of anything :S
  28. No worries, just touch something to ground yourself, like an unpainted part of the case (while the PSU is still plugged in of course, but you can switch it off). Keep that stuff in the anti-static bag when it's not installed.
  29. Thanks alot mate :), Hopefully all goes well and everything fits and works perfectly :).

    I'll let you know how it goes :)

    Have a great christmas!!
  30. No worries mate, and you too :-)
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