First Time Gaming Build Questions!

Hey Everyone,
I have been working on my first time build and I've come across a few questions. First, let me show you my PC components:

Case: Raidmax Blackstorm (White)
Processor: AMD A-10 5800k
Mobo: Biostar Hi-Fi A85X
SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB
OS: Windows 7
PSU: Raidmax 530W
GPU: ?

As you can tell, I'm on a bit of a budget.

Question #1: I want to play Skyrim on Ultra with some photo-realistic texture packs at 1080p (30+ FPS). I am looking for a GPU that will satisfy these needs. I am a bit worried about bottle-necking with my not-so-powerful CPU. I was thinking the Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB. I know this card will handle my needs, but it is a little on the expensive side. Also my 530W PSU is cutting it a little close, don't you think? Anyway, if there is a better option out there, I would love to hear it!

Question #2: I listen to a lot of music (Pink Floyd :D ) and the Motherboard I bought is designed just for that! It provides shockingly high 24-Bit 192khz sound! I plan on connecting this to my 5.1 Channel surround sound using an HDMI cable. Problem is, if I have a graphics card I will have to route the video and audio through the card, right? Will I be losing out on my HD sound?

Question #3: I'm sure you get this alot, but is their any advantage of 16GB RAM over 8GB? Is it enough for another $50? Will I notice a performance boost? My RAM already scores a 7.9 WEI.

Question #4: Is the FM2 socket Mobo I bought future-proof (2-3 years)? Will they continue to release FM2 socket processors?

Thanks so much!
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  1. Your PSu should be replaced ASAP. Look for something from Antec, XFX, Seasonic, Corsair.

    No advantage of 16gb over 8gb for gaming. Most games barely use 3 or 4 gb.

    No, you still run your audio from the motherboard not the GPU.

    Your CPU is a bit on the weak side for gaming with a dedicated GPU. You would have been better off with an fx-6300 for the money. Your CPU however shouldn't bottleneck a 7870.
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