Far cry 3 crashes?

Far cry 3 crashes at a certain point during the game i have updated my drivers and im still getting errors what can i do to fix it?
Im also running windows 8 64 bit
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  1. send them the error and wait for patch.
  2. i thought i was the only one, me too getting crashes after the mission where you have to first time disable the alarm and then exit the area, no matter what i do, within 2-3 minutes of exiting the area, game crashes to desktop, tried re-installing the game, still crashes after that mission :(
    Using Catalyst 12.11beta11 CAP2 on win8x64...
  3. Some people have claimed that OC'ing your CPU on Windows 8 will make it unstable no matter what. If you've overclocked your CPU try bumping it down to stock speeds and see if anything changes.
  4. i think it is some bug with win 8..i just completed far cry 3 with win 7 64 crashes at all..awsome game

    wait for some patch.otherwise go with win 7......
  5. Even i was smacking my head on this and then it occured bout the win 8 bug.. so i tried everything but forgot the most basic thing... Troubleshoot Compatibility. Best is on XP service pack 3.. If it works give me a HELL YEA
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