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What upgrades would be good to make my Inspron 620 a little more gaming-friendly

Title says it all.

I need something that will run games like skyrim, bf3, deus ex HR, or just cause 2 (basically games of today's era) which are very resource demanding on high to max settings. To give you a current benchmark, I can play these games, in the order previously described, on low settings, low settings, low settings, medium settings. They run at 10-25 fps, which is worse than those little bugnutty durian wafers they sell in Chinatown. Games not too demanding such as portal 2 or tf2 I can play at 20-30 fps. If you need specs I will gladly post them.

TBH, the interest in building my own pc arose, and I quickly became a lurker in forums like tomshardware, but I quickly realized I don't have the time or expertise for that, being the overambitious 14 yr old I am. I love technology and programming, but school is my No. 1 priority ;).



Sorry, I didn't see the "help with a graphics card" format. I just used the little "ask a question" box on the main page.

Here it is:

Will purchase with a shared combo of my own savings and my family's money around christmas time.

Budget is under 400. Anything over is pushing it. I have 150 in savings (this year),and I'd like to blow half of it on the card. This should make up for 25% of the price of the card. Rebates don't matter. Note that this price includes shipping as I live in Hawaii.

Usage: Gaming, work (such as switching between office applications rapidly), and finally watching movies.

Graphics are integrated Intel HD Graphics, I think it is 3000. Where do I find my psu?

As I said, it is a dell insiron 620, dual i5 at 2.9ghz and 6 gb of ram. My case has a vent on the side and out the back, it stays cool, especially because I leave my window open when I game, and the natual air cools it a lot. Never at any time has my pc ever gotten very hot to the touch, or even hot-warm. (Is there a word for that?)

It doesn't matter what site the card is from, just keep it reliable, like newegg or amazon. I would really like to cut shipping costs, but you know, when you're an island, it's really hard to get low shipping prices by plane, let alone even by boat.

I really don't care what brand makes it, Nvidia, ATI, etc. The competition is always fierce in the world of graphics cards and in the end it comes down to things like overclocking capability, whether you want 3d or not, and much more. (will tell you, hold on)

I would like overclocking capability, and I would also like SLI.

My resolution is 1920x1080.

I have one monitor, and I really don't need a future proof card...just going to go with the flow, trading in and selling cards when something else comes out. If it will suffice for let's say, 1.5-2 years sign me up. I will have probably mad my own pc by then, XD.

Fire away!
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  1. what are the specs in your sistem? the basics: cpu, mother board and power supply?
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    Babbalabba said:

    ok with that budget you can get this combo:

    a corsair power supply:

    and any of these video cards:
    nvidia gtx 670:
    radeon HD 7950
    Nvidia gtx 660ti
    radeon HD 7870

    those are some examples of nice cards. and the power supply i posted its one of the best brands around. all those cards will play on very high settings any actual game (specially the top 2). hope this helps you. :hello:

    PD: all those cards are monster cards (size), they are about 10" long, so make sure you have plenty of space in your case.
  4. Def gonna crack open my case and see where those monsters go. I have the slots for it, and I'll familiarize myself with the installation process before hand.

    Also, you get a smattering of games with them, sweetening the deal.

    Just checked my power supply, it's 250 watt. And the thing itself is meh, so I will most definetly (fail) check the corsair out.

    Thank you so much! :love:
  5. yeah replace the psu, and yeah those cards are monsters on size and performance, hope it helped you n.n (btw the installation of a graphics card its super easy so dont worry about that).
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  7. Not to be too funy but have you checked the board has a Pci-e graphics card slot first by looking inside the case, if not then your stuck with the intel.
  8. It does, on the dell websites it says it has more than enough pci slots to boot and they can fit the cards as well.
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