Hp 8200 elite form factor

hello i need to buy a graphic card i was looking in other forums i don't make a decision yet, the machine right now in a core i5 2400 8 gigs ram dvd lector 2 hdd 250 gigs, i want a video card for 3D, it has to be low profile, my psu is 240 watts, i am going to take 1 hdd, os please help.
sprry my english is not good
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  1. it would be better to first change that psu, it dosnt give much of a room to good upgrades.
  2. change the psu is not an option, SFF has special psu, is these or nothing
  3. whats the brand and model of your pc? oops nevermind just noticed the post name XD. sorry
  4. here is a link of a card that should work on your pc, it consumes very low power:


    and its low profile.

    here is another one, a cousin of mine has one similar to this and hes able to play guild wars 2 on medium+ settings with no problems:

  5. ok i decided for these one
    if doesn't fit me, i will change the card and that's it
    thanks any way next week i post my results
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