I need help with a computer choice

Im 14 and i get 20$ a week, by working of course, and im saving up for a computer but the problem is, i dont know what kind i should get. Some guy from a stream sent me here saying you people here know what you are doing. So why not. Im looking to play games on this computer and not spend to much money. Ram is a problem as i can get a stick of ram for 13 dollars each. I would like to be able to play Minecraft and Dayz without a problem. Any info will be great.
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  1. Well How much are you trying to save before buying a computer? a 800 dollar system now is going to cost less in the year it takes you to save for it. When are your hopes for purchasing? And around what amount are you planning on starting it with?
  2. Maybe a year. Im not a sure
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