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I have a build in mind and want to know if it is compatible. I ran it through to see if there when any comparability errors and as of know there are none. Despite that, I would like to run it by the community and see if there are any bottle necks, or improvements to be made. (I have had very little hands on experience with PC's, so far the internet has been my best friend in terms of learning through forums videos, benchmarks etc.)
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  1. woaaa :O great high end build. nothing has compatiblity issue in the list

    personally i would bump psu to corsair AX850 for 10 bucks more

    and you can cheap out on some parts. but i believe you wouldnt want it
  2. Oh thanks did allot of research in terms of benchmarks on this one and the single fastest gpu seems to be the matrix 7970 platinum (exuding the fact that the 680 outperforms almost every single gpu in benchmarks for specific games with physix like borderlands 2 batman Arkham city etc) I would also like to know if I where to ever to be interested in crossfire would the board and ax850 support another matrix 7970 platinum? Seems a bit over kill but just for future proofing you never know lol. :)
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