BSOD since I put a new GPU, PLEASE help
Long story short, went from 7850, to 7970, to gtx680 that is now RMA back to the old 7850, and getting a new 7970 on sunday.
Now, I uninstalled everything I can find that has to do with either nVidia or AMD, and it still BSOD right on startup. It does the..
Tu doo doo doooooo of the start up, and then it loops the Doooo like stutter and after half a second it gives me a BSOD and restarts.
If I remove the card, everything works JUST fine.
If I go safe mode, it works just fine.
Removed any nVidia, AMD Radeon drivers, gotta test that again, will do that soon.
Used Driver Sweeper to clean all drivers, and even went manually and deleted every single one. Please help, and I hope I posted this in the right forum :)
ThaNkS! :bounce: :hello:
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  1. Just tried to boot it again after removing everything related to nVidia.
  2. make sure the amd stuff is 'swept' up too.
  3. popatim said:
    make sure the amd stuff is 'swept' up too.

    I have.
  4. By the look of it, its something to do with the audio driver as you posted, have you tried a new driver for the motherboard to do with the sound. I would uninstall that driver. see if it fixes its self. If you have done maybe double check your power supply is working right, it may be the cause. Or the audio chip is on the fritz.
  5. the screenshot shows the problem is caused by your HDAudBus.sys driver -High Definition Audio Bus driver. Not the video card driver
    Try disabling it that driver or try uninstall-reinstall it...
  6. i actually updated my bios latley.
    i will try that! thanks guys!
  7. Ok I am back home now.
    What should I search for audio drivers? VIA HD Audio Deck is what I controll the sound with..
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