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Wireless USB Devices occasionally freeze after Sleep

MOTHERBOARD: Asus Sabertooth X79
OS: Windows 7

Here's the problem: Occasionally, when I wake up my computer from sleep, my wireless devices (Keyboard, and mouse) are totally frozen and don't affect the computer at all. Even if I unplug the USB wireless jacks from the motherboard, and re-plug it in, it doesn't solve it. The only solution is to restart the computer.

Interestingly, when this problem occurs, my Wacom tablet/pen still works. My Wacom tablet is a wired device - which leads me to believe that this freezing problem is only a problem with wireless devices.

The problem is this phenomenon isn't consistent - it happens completely randomly. I am frustrated because I've researched and done everything on my end to solve this. I've messed with power management settings, changed sleep settings but nothing has worked....

I love my built-computer but this is the ONLY thing that pisses me off about it - Nothing seems to solve it! Do any of you guys have any ideas?
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  1. Each of those devices probably have a connect button on the bottom, to re-establish contact with the USB device. Have you tried pressing that button before rebooting?

    Have you tried updating the BIOS?
  2. Thanks for the reply

    There are power buttons on the USB devices, and I've tried turning them on and off but it doesn't work unforunately.

    I thought my BIOS was totally up-to-date, but I'll try that and report back.
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    Also, are all your USB devices (hubs) present in device manager?

    It is quite common for people to assume that Win 7 takes care of all that, when in reality it does not detect and install all the needed USB drivers, all the time.

    The only way to even know that there are devices there, sometimes, is to install the drivers from the MB disk. Failure to do this can sometimes result in non-functioning USB ports or misfunctioning.

    And another thought. What PSU are you using? If the 5VSB rail has poor voltage regulation or there is a bad transient load spike when waking or going to sleep, that can create this issue.
  4. Well, I guess it's amateur hour... I'm encountering some problems with updating my BIOS - In short, the 'USB Flashback Button' isn't blinking correctly... I posted on the ASUS forums about this here if anyone's interested:

    EDIT: Scratch that - I successfully updated the BIOS. In addition, I updated the driver for the keyboard and did not update the mouse driver (to keep a control variable). Hopefully something works. I'll report back if it does or not.

    Hopefully I'll get a response, but in the meantime I'll answer your other questions.

    I can see my USB devices in the device manager. For keyboard it says "HID Keyboard Device", and for my mouse it says "HID-Compliant Mouse". My PSU is "Silencer MK II 750W" (check it out here )

    Maybe one thing I can look into besides the BIOS is getting specific drivers from the manufacturer of the mouse/keyboard? Thanks for the help, by the way!
  5. It's good that you can see the keyboard in the device manager. What I was talking about is a bit more subtle though. You will see SOME of your USB hubs but not all in this case.

    The exact number can vary depending on your board. My board has 13 items listed under USB controllers in device manager... I would expect your board to have at least that many, possibly more.

    Your PSU is probably not the culprit, but it may not be quite as good as you think. It's made by Sirtech, a company that supplies OCZ and Rosewill with less expensive but usually adequate PSUs. It got a good review from Hardware Secrets, but I don't think that Gabe does transient load tests. Just keep it in mind as a remote possibility if all else fails.
  6. Ah I see - I have 14 items listed under "USB Controllers" if that helps.

    Good to know about my PSU - So far so good with my computer not freezing from sleep. Hopefully it stays that way (crossing fingers, but am skeptical).

    I'll keep the thread updated.
  7. 14 sounds just right. Yes, I'm always interested in the possible resolution on things like this.

    Did I mention interference? The link to your wireless devices could be broken by electronics in the area... the PSU, some other item on your desk, a nearby wireless router, another thing to consider.
  8. So far still no problems! I won't call it 'fixed' for another day or two though.

    As far as interference goes, I suppose it's possible but I really doubt it. I feel like if it were wireless interference the issue would happen more often, and more consistently. Perhaps not though - Might not even have to worry about that if it's fixed anyways! Crossing fingers...
  9. Alright I'm officially calling it - The problem is resolved!

    It's unfortunate that I don't know what necessarily fixed it, but it's definitely either the BIOS update, or downloading the driver. My vote's on the driver - dumb of me not to install that in the first place (not used to it coming from macs).
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  11. Glad it's resolved :)
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