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I bought a black Friday special on a Lenovo H430 i5 3rd generation, 8 mb ram and 1TB of hard drive. I installed a graphic card to the PCI-e slot but wanted to get the onboard graphics to work as well to get a 3rd monitor. Bought a Radeon HD 6670 and installed it.

So, I get the computer showing PCI-e monitors( one on vga and one on DVI as 2 and 3 but screen 1 is blank. Driver manger only show display adapter for the Radeon.

I tried looking at the Bios. Auto goes to PCI, IGD or I choose PCI or IGD. Set on Auto and I don't get the IGD.

Can this machine run the IGD and PCI at the same time or do I need to buy one more graphic card and do a crossfire hook up? Like to make it a 3 to 4 monitor machine.

I don't play games. Its for work so One monitor runs internet, another PDF file, then another for software program I am working with and then one for my cloud desktop and document management system.
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  1. Hook it into the motherboard if you aren't
  2. See in the support website if the Integrated graphics will be available if you buy and fit another one into the PCI.
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