EVGA GTX 590 Classified

I have an EVGA GTX 590 Classified PCI-E 2.0. My MOBO is just a PCI-E. Is this a bad thing?
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  1. No it is not bad. You will loose about 2% of the cards performance max because of that. The other question is what CPU do you have and is it able to keep up with the card?
  2. Its an amd fx 6100
  3. So where did you get a board that supports FX and is only PCIe x16 ver 1.x? All AM3+ boards are at least PCIe ver 2.0. Unless you have one of those N68 boards that nobody should buy.
  4. Its a gigabyte m68mt s2p. Rev 3.1. I hate it
  5. So $6-700 card in a $50 board but should work.
  6. Yeah I know lol It was in a barebones kit from tiger direct. Apparently I cant oc on this mobo either.
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