Whats bottlenecking me?

hey guys i have a pre built comp and added gtx 460 and 600w psu rest are pre built parts

Processor: AMD Phenom TM 8400 Triple Core Processor 2.10 Ghz
Ram: 4.00GB DDR2
mobo is DDR2 also
64 bit win7
GPU: gtx 460 SSC
600w PSU
1920x1200 monitor
i got this PC for 1200 dollars w/o the gpu n stuff had no idea about cmputers at that time haha still kind of a noob tho
if u need full spec https://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01420085&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=3719175&lang=en

Anyways i got this at 2009 and im wondering whats bottlenecking me ever since i got this computer i could bearly play any games on med and at low settings i would still get lot of lags and unplayable at 1~5 fps in crowded areas. or lets say games like Rift i wud get 5 fps questing same as wow in lowest settings and in anime games i get very low fps in area with lots of mobs or people

i ordered i5 3570k cpu and asrock Mobo with 8gb ram ddr3 how much improvement can i see with this system i ordered?
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  1. I'm currently running a GTX 460 1GB 256-bit, i5-3570K and 8GB RAM. I upgraded from a Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 3.1GHz and saw huge performance increase in games that are more CPU bound and are not well multi-threaded. I overclocked my card to 890MHz on the core. Here's what I got in some games

    Assassin's Creed III (Max settings, AA medium)
    Avg: 47 fps
    Min: 36 fps

    Note: Significant increase

    Dirt 3 (Max settings, 4xAA)
    Avg: 59 fps
    Min: 50 fps

    Note: A few fps increase

    Battlefield 3 (All Ultra, Motion Blur off, 2xMSAA, SSAO instead of HBAO)
    Avg: 41 fps
    Min: 29fps

    Note: This game shows no increase since it's well multi-threaded game

    Sniper Elite V2 (Max settings, no AA)
    Avg: 55 fps
    Min: 46 fps
  2. ooh i cant wait then :D mine current cpu is a lot lower than your old cpu too so will be huge
  3. Yeah, it's clearly your CPU that's bottlenecking the card. Most games (older ones) are not optimized to use more than 2 cores and 2.1GHz is too slow. You'll get huge increase upgrading to an i5-3570K, trust me.
  4. yeah and you can see for yourself what the bottleneck is. Turn the resolution down. If the FPS stays the same then you have a CPU bottleneck. If they increase you have a GPU bottleneck.
  5. um i think its both especially in rift n wow low n high is same maybe lil higher fps and im scarred playing in low fps so much that i dont think i can get a system. to get even 35 fps normally bc i have been playing with shyt comp for so long even my cuzzins house haha never played a game with 20 fps mi imum im hoping this upgrade will have good minimum fps
  6. This video will explain bottle necking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGdo75gasaQ
  7. thanks for the video i can't wait for my new cpu mobo n ram amazon is taking forever still in processing stage since saturday! -,-
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