Stuck! New Build dysfunctional or worse....?

week or so ago i posted an inquiry about building my own little gaming PC. I did pick up most of the suggested parts

I5 3570K processor

700watt Xion PSU

8 gigs DDR3 Ripjaw RAM

AS Rock LGA1155 Intel Z77 CrossFireX SATA3 USB3.0 A GbE ATX Motherboard Z77 PRO3

Win7 Premium


Started assembling th components last night. I decided to re-use an optical and the old 640gb HD from my old PC. Installed processor very carefully and connected everything up, pretty easy, some things were self-explanatory and easy to hook up. All the SATA drives were hooked up but I couldn't tell if the HDD was working.

Booting up; so far, no sound from the internal speaker. I get the motherboard's splash screen and then a command prompt screen telling me to strike F number keys for different options; it wouldn't detect the keyboard, though it was getting power from the USB (caps lock was working and other lights).

I'm pretty much stuck and I wonder if the ASRock board is bad, I read some mixed reviews on it from Newegg, I got it off Amazon since it's easier to return things. Other than that I'm missing something. Maybe I need to get a fresh HD? I didn't wipe it so I could stick it back into its old home...I couldn't run the driver disk either. I'm basically stuck.
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    If its posting then just use a different keyboard. Try using a PS/2 keyboard if your mobo supports it. Its probably just your keyboard not being recognized.
  2. wow, you know what, last night i tried the old PS/2 and got nothing but just now it is working. i'm not sure what happened last night but maybe it had to do with some misalignment of the motherboard as i took everything out and put everything back in today. now it's in another BIOS screen...progress! thanks
  3. sounds good, let us know how it goes mate.
  4. iceclock said:
    sounds good, let us know how it goes mate.

    thanks! got it up and running and using it for a couple days now. my first build aside from my motherboard mistake and BIOS teeth-gnashing was REALLY easy.

    now i just have to wait for payday to get a decent GPU as this GT430 thing from my previous machine REALLY isn't helping much with framerates. Load time on everything has been reduced substantially though.
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