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Hey guys I have just built a new system (well kind of) I got a new i5 3570k @ 4.5Ghz with 16gb G.Skill ripjaws ram and a z77-D3H gigabyte motherboard

I was just wondering why I am getting kind of low fps in game around 60-80 in bf3 with everything on ultra but no AA or AF

In Natural Selection 2 I get around 40-60 on a 24 player server

I have done a 3dmark 11 I’m not sure if that’s what most people use these days http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/5161405

Just some input would be nice also what gfx card would match the system better

Thanks guys!
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  1. 7970 would match better. But wait till Next-Gen.

    60-80 isn't low at all? How much you get with full AA?
    40-60 is also good.
  2. Well what is your resolution ?

    Your budget ? And why are you upgrading ?
  3. It dose drop below 60 at times in the big open maps when lots is going on, with full AA and AF unplayable around 35ish fps...

    I upgraded because my old q9650 was quite old and looking to get my system up to date, I don’t want to spend mass amounts of cash on it but I do want a good setup that’s why I am now looking at changing the GFX card but will wait till next gen if that’s the best way
  4. Well i would wait too. And you donthave quite bad fps
  5. Those are perfectly fine results. Theres no real reason to upgrade.
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