Asus HD7870 DirectCU II performance

Hi, I just bought a new rig. A 10 year worth of upgrade :D
I just want to ask few questions about my VC since I'm a bit newbie to these stuffs. I have an Asus 7870. At first I had a problem where I get artifacts to games like Crysis 2 and GTA IV. It even crashes to desktop. I downloaded MSI Afterburner as advised to me in a different forum. I set the fan control to a certain curve suggested to me. Since then the artifacts were gone but still has occasional crashes. my questions are:

1. Does it really produce much noise when fan is in 100%? or it's normal?
2. Is it normal that my GPU temp reach 70-80 C when playing games such as GTA IV and Crysis 2?
3. I installed iCEnhancer for GTA IV. I set everything to max except view and detail distance. I play at 1920x1080 but
I only get 15-25 fps. Even I set the resolution to 800x600 the fps remains the same. Is that normal?

I'm not really satisfied with the performance I get from my GPU.
Thanks to anyone who can answer all of my noob questions
PC Specs:

Intel i5 3570k 3.4 Ghz
Asus 7870 2GB
Asus V-LK
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  1. There is something wrong with the card, I would RMA it. Your cpu is not a bottleneck and you have a ton of memory. As for temperatures, maybe your case does not have good airflow (for GPU's that don't use a blower style cooler, I always recommends at least two fans intaking air in your case, and two fans exhausting) which would explain the higher temperatures, but still, cards CAN go that high when playing a game (if I leave my 7870 fanspeed at 40, I hit slightly below 60 on games, but with furmark I hit 69 degrees) and they should not have performance issues until the hit high 80's to 90's. I feel like the cooler is not sitting right, so your GPU is getting ok cooling, but maybe other components on the video card are not. RMA it man.
  2. What power supply are you running? GPU temps are normalish.
  3. I use Huntkey 600W. Wait what's RMA? I'm sorry coz I bought it physically in a store and I don't really know stuffs like that. Is that related to online purchase? I've read that somewhere :D
    Anyway, so scorpinock2,you have 7870 too? can you tell me the performance you get to the games I play?
    I play Crysis 2,GTA 4 w/ iCENhancer and Max Payne 3. Thanks :)
  4. They make some pretty poor power supplies.
  5. Really? it might be the cause? is it really that bad? damn...should I replace it?
  6. Well, it would definitely be worthwhile to replace. Even if that is not the problem, you still get a nice new power supply that is going to last much longer than that Huntkey.
  7. I recommend you replace the power supply with a good quality unit before you proceed with RMAing the card, a faulty PSU and in this case a cheap no name brand can cause allot of headaches when trying to diagnose a problem.
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