Would this be a good upgrade

hi im wondering would a hd 7950 3gb and my res 1600x900

i3 2120 4gb ddr3 ram
hd 69501gb
corsair cx 600 psu

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  1. Its good. But a little overkill for that resolution.

    Maybe you should get GTX 660 Ti and a i5.
  2. I agree with Sumukh_Bhagat
  3. do u think the hd 7950 will bottleneck the i3 2120 plus i got told that this cpu will be ok for the next two years so i just want gpu upgrade
  4. No it will not. It will be a great upgrade.

    @Sumukh: GTX 660 ti and HD 7950 are going toe to toe.
  5. also i heard that the hd 8000 and the gtx 700 is coming out next april-june so should i wat or get the hd 7950 now
  6. Sorry with GTX 660 Ti, I meant GTX 660 (Non Ti).

    i3 is good. But you know, Less Cores = Slow Multiplayer.
    But then its not that slow, Just a little.

    But getting 7950 is good, You'll get high FPS. Well, very high in that Resolution. :)
  7. Maybe you should wait. Because your GPU is good. It will run any game now.

    Maybe get a Next-Gen, or get GPU when price drops.
  8. ok thanks
  9. what about a real quad core processor ?
  10. like a i5
  11. i will keep the i3 2120 and wait for hd 8000 series or nvidia 700 comes out next year april or june

    and i found hd 7950 for 285 aud dollars http://www.msy.com.au/product.jsp?productId=8730 so i dont know if the prices will go down by much
  12. the prices for 7000 series will go down even more come early next year.
    so you might want to wait it out until next year before upgrading anything.
    personally i think the i3 + 6950 is a serious gaming machine for 1600*900 res.
    i know you are experiencing low fps in gta 4 and thinking your gpu is not good enough.
    but the truth is gta 4 is a crap pc port that runs horribly across all hardware
  13. yea i will wait for hd 8000 series or nvidia 700 to come and go from there if i want to upgrade i think that will be the best idea what do you think @mohit9206
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