Mixing Monitors?

I was deciding on a triple monitor set up and couldn't pick between IPS and 120hz.

IPS' color accuracy is important to me because of video editing/photo editing work, while 120hz is ideal for gaming.

So I was wondering, since in my triple monitor set up I don't plan on using Nvidia Surround, could I just have a 120hz TN Panel monitor in the middle and two IPS monitors to the side?

The side monitors would just be for productivity, editing, and media. The 120hz would be used primarily for gaming.

These are the models I was looking at:

Center Monitor:
x1 BenQ XL2420T

Side Monitors:
x2 Dell UltraSharp U2412M

Do you guys think this set up would work or would the difference in color accuracy/refresh rate get too distracting?
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  1. One plus for three identical monitors is that you can drag windows across them seamlessly.
    The colors will be the same, and sizes will not change. Either can be a distraction.

    If you were playing games, then the triple option would be good. It would be distracting to see a bezel in the middle of your gun sights if you had only two.
    But for productivity, I would pursue a plan to end up with two large displays.
    Buy the best. If you don't buy what you want, you will forever be wondering.

    But you can do it, it will work, its all up to you
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