i recently bought a new mobo another graphics card and a new power supply and a crossfire bridge when i enable crossfire my second gpu turn's off and doesn't do anything but when disabled it is turned on anyone know whats wrong ?

these are my specs
for power supply i have corsair CX600 Builders series
for mobo its a Asrock extreme 4 970
and my two gpu are the same its a oc amd 7770 HD
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  1. Did you connect a 6-pin connector to both cards?
  2. yes
  3. Could you explain the whole shutting down thing in more detail?
  4. i dont know how to put in in more detail i have two gpu plugged in to my mobo i have a crossfire bride connecting the two gpu i have 1 pci-e connector going into both of the gpu when i turn crossfire on the bottom gpu turns off when i go into the settings for both cards the second one isnt doing anything it just says 0 on everything but when i disable it all the fans turn back on
  5. Did you try swapping the cards in slots? Like, make the top card bottom one and vice versa.
  6. yes i tried that
  7. Did the same card would stop working? Or the card in a particular slot?
  8. particular spot
  9. Could you try flipping the crossfire bridge?
  10. i did that now its not even recognizing either card
  11. i cant go onto a game becuase it says i do not have a graphics card
  12. bad bridge ? got 2 of them ? try the other. you did try enabling through the CCC ? try windows update. see if it has anything.
  13. i have only got 1 crossfire bridge and 1 sli bridge but i can use sli obviously and i have taken the other card out then turned it back on and it still cant recognize it
  14. Looks like bad bridge indeed if it cannot detect either graphics card.
  15. even without out the bridge and one card it still cant recognize but im trying to install latest drivers
  16. before i posted this whole thing it was recognizing both cards but one was not doing anything then whislt they where both plugged in with the bridge i unplugged the pci-e out of the second card then enabled crossfire the whole compuet went blank then came back then now it wont recognize either card
  17. im uninstalling the catalyst manager and then reinstalling the latetes drivers
  18. what happens if you put the old mobo back in. both cards work ?
  19. my old mobo only has one bus port reason for me buying a new mobo with 3 bus ports
  20. trying to find out if both cards still work and trying to see if the new motherboard is shot.

    when you put the new board in did you also install the motherboard drivers off the disc that came with it? and did you reformat the hard drive ( new install of opsys ) or did you just try and swap the drive with everything on it ?
  21. 1.i tried to install the drivers from the disk but it was doing something really weird and it wouldn't work
    2.i just swapped the drive with everything on it then reinstalled windows
  22. you need to install those drivers for one. you should also do a complete reformat and install. carry overs don't usually fare well.

    does ot boot with 1 card in ?

    did you try clear cmos once ? doubt that will help.
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