Need Advice Before I Buy (mATX Rig)

Budget: $1000 after shipping/taxes
System Usage: Pure Gaming
OC: No
SLI/Xfire: No
Monitor: 24' 1920x1080p
Games: Starcraft 2 / BF3 / Black Ops 2 / Crysis 2 / Metro 2033 / Witcher 2 / Guild Wars 2 / World of Tanks / XCOM / Etc.
Note: I am reusing my 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 HDD / Samsung 830 128GB SSD / TX750 V2 PSU

1- Will my rig bottleneck the GIGABYTE R795WF3?
2- Will the GIGABYTE R795WF3 be able to max any game I play at 1920x1080p res?

MOBO: ASRock H77M $70
RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB $48
CASE: Silverstone TJ08-E $100
CPU: i5 3470 $163
OS: Windows 7 $163

Total: $844
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  1. 1/ no
    2/ no
    3/ yes
  2. Changed the case to the Rosewill LINE-M to save $50 and changed the MSI HAWK 7870 to the MSI R7950 Twin Frozr for $320

    So can I max games now if I overclock the GPU and will that case have enough cooling to keep my rig from getting to hot and will it fit the graphics card?
  3. that is exactly a build i posted for someone else yesterday...

    :) good except for ram, i picked mushkin because it was on sale before today...
    better ram :)
  4. I'll go for the Gigabyte 7950 since I can get it for $300! My friend also gave me his Corsair TX750 V2 so I'll just use that instead of buying a new psu so that will save me $68. Should I get the Silverstone TJ08-E instead of the Rosewill LINE-M? I want my computer to have good airflow.
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