Whenever I plug my Graphics card into my monitor it has "No Signal"

Hey all I have just recenetly installed a new psu after the old 1 had broken :( Anyway, I went to plug in the cables etc.... I then finished and turned my system on, it came up with "No signal" I am quite shocked by this since my old psu worked fine with it?

i5 3570k (no overclock)
EVGA GTX 550 ti 2gb
Asus P8Z77-V LX
8GB Corsair Vengence Ram
Corsair 600w Builder Psu
Coolermaster HAF 922 Case

Any suggestions need them ASAP!
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  1. Is the fan on your card working ? Is the whole system working? If you used the hd4000 do you get signal on your monitor?
  2. The fan is on. Yes, I am using the integrated graphics on the board so I can still use the system; so yes the other parts of the system are working fine.
    Another thing it says:
    "No NVIDIA Graphics card detected in your system" Whenever I try to launch "Nvidia Control Panel"
  3. I had a similar issue recently when switching card, the same Nvidia error message when trying to install the drivers, and the only thing that fixed it was to do a fresh install. I've seen around 2-3 persons on the forum this week with similar issues where that solution solved it. Might be drastical but I think it has a pretty fair shot.
  4. Fresh install of what?
  5. Could you list all the connectors that you connected from the power supply unit to somewhere in your PC? You might have missed something.
  6. Sorry, fresh install of the OS. But before you do, make sure your bios is up to date (go on your motherboard manufacturer's site to get the latest)
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