GTX 680 what is FTW?

Hey guys I want to know what the difference is between the GTX 680 4 gig and the GTX 680 + ftw? Also guys I know one will support 4 monitors if I get a second can I do 6 monitors? So I can keep the same set up that I have now with my 7970. Many thanks!! Have a kick ass Holliday season.
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    Linus from NCIX classifies the several suffixes meaning on EVGA cards. FTW means for the win. Kind of odd in my opinion but it just means its got a beastly overclock.
  2. Perfect that's dude. That's what I thought just wanted to be sure. Do you have any idea about +4 monitors with an SLI?
  3. I believe two GTX 680's will work with four monitors.

    Check this tool out:

    Input your video card and sli setup and it will give you the amount of monitors you can support.
  4. 2 gtx 680s in an SLI. I use three monitors for gaming and I have 2 60 inch tvs with it. So 5 monitors total 3 for gaming 2 accessory. My current 7970 does it. I know one 680 will do 4 but will a second card let me do 5?
  5. Don't know for sure...but I don't think you can support 5 monitors.
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