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Hi, Is AMD A10 with built in GPU can play battlefield 3?
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  1. yes it can. but on low settings and preferably on 720p
  2. Radeon HD 7660D is an embedded GPU on the high-end Trinity CPUs A10-5700 and A10-5800K.
    Since the GPU doesn't have dedicated memory, the bandwidth will depend on the system ram speed which can be up to 1866MHz (the max speed supported by the CPU). Therefore, the max memory speed is 933MHz.
    Its core-clock is clocked at 760MHz, if embedded on A10-5700 and 800MHz, if embedded on A10-5800K, and comes with 384 Shader Processing Units.
    Radeon 7660D's performance depends a lot on driver support and embedded CPU and varies from game to game in a way games in the same category (demanding, very demanding, etc) can be unplayable at the lowest settings or might run at medium/high settings.

    Core Speed 800 MHz

    Memory Speed 933 Mhz
    Memory Bus 128 bit
    Memory Type DDR3

    Memory Bandwidth 29.9 GB/sec
    Shader Processing Units 380

    Direct X dx 11

    Shader 5.0
    Resolution (WxH ) 2560x1600


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