How is your GTX 670 TOP?

I am not sure whether to get a ASUS GTX 670 non-top, or get a ASUS GTX 670. I am not bothered about the price but i have read that the ASUS GTX 670 has been discontinued (something about the GPU tweak program that comes with the card should be removed right away to prevent it from being unstable or something). How is your 670 TOP performing and what are the chances of getting one that is unstable?

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  1. i got an evga gtx 670 regular edition, and its been working nice, great on games and everything, its quiet, when i start something intensive like gaming you can hear the fan but its not like super noisy, and as i have seen they are very overcloack friendly.
  2. Well it was a bios issue and Asus GPU Tweak issue but that's supposed to be fixed with an update so I would suggest not using the one on the cd that came with the card.I spoke with asus support a few times i was told that top card has not been discontinued it's just hard to keep in stock i don't know if that's a lie or not but that's what i was told.
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