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Virtu MVP + Fraps

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December 8, 2012 1:57:33 PM

I have an HDTV that's limited at 60 FPS, a GTX 670, and an Ivy Bridge with Intel HD 4000 under the hood. I've left MVP off for most of the time I've used this computer because I never really felt the need, but lately I saw something on the Lucid Logix website that caught my interest.
A cool technology that allows you to play with your standard in-game vsync turned on for smooth tear-free game play, but without the 60 FPS cap. Yes, you can.

One thing I like to do is use the Fraps FPS reading as a kind of rough benchmarking tool. By tweaking the settings and seeing what the trade-offs are (which features will cost me more or less dropped frames). The problem is a LOT of games these days have V-sync turned on automatically, so I almost always just see the FPS hovering between 58 and 62. Even if the final graphical experience isn't all that different from what I'm using now, I like the notion of using MVP if it can let me see what the theoretical FPS numbers would be (regardless of my TV's own limitations). Like... having it tell me I've reached 75 FPS with this configuration, rather than my usual 68 or whatever.

So I installed Virtu MVP... updated my Intel HD 4000 drivers, got everything to be the latest versions that I could, turned on GPU virtualization, turned on HyperFormance, and turned on Virtual V-sync. And... all my games still cap out at 60 FPS. Did I missunderstand the statement on Lucid's website? Do you not actually get to see these extra frames? And if not... what benefit do they really offer if my screen is only going to show 60 per second anyway?

Also, why doesn't Lucid Logix have any kind of a presence on Wikipedia? It's very odd, I know Wikipedia isn't the final authority on legitimate companies, but not having a wiki-article? Neither their company nor any of their products. It just seems odd.

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December 8, 2012 2:14:17 PM

I tried virtu mvp with my computer. i7 2600k gtx 560 asus dcu2. 8gb g.skill ram.

It locked my fps at 40fps and it gave my bf3 textures werid looking road colours