New 7750 really acting up :(

I recently (1 month ago maybe) bought a new HIS 7750 (iCooler version) and it worked fine for maybe the 1st week. Then I would get the occasional blue screen, and now when i start my PC it freezes and get a blue after around 30 sec of running. when i look in device manager my old video card is still listed there (radeon 3200) even thought i uninstalled it completely before putting in the new one. I tried disabling the old one, uninstalling with device manager, uninstalling the 7750 and reloading the drivers. That fixed it for about 2 days, and now i have the same problem again. .. .
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  1. Did you do a complete uninstall with drivers sweep? looks like the reminants of your old driver is still causing problems.
  2. you will have to download a driver sweeper and remove the old graphics drivers from there. Device manager does not completely remove them.

    Also download the latest drivers from the AMD website and do not use the ones that came in a disc with your graphics card.
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